Unique Wild Symbols worth Looking Out For

There was a time that when playing a slot machine you could spin in a simple wild symbol, those symbols used to have just one single task and that was to stand in for each of the other reel symbols and when they did spin in they could help you form a winning combination, if they lined up alongside other matching symbols.

However, as slot machines have developed and evolved over the last few years the humble wild symbol has also changed too and as such you will now find a huge array of different types of wild symbols each of which have a different task to perform when they have spun in. Below are some of the more unusual wild symbols you will come across when playing at our approved range of casino sites.

Wild Multipliers – You will find plenty of different slot machines on which there will be a set of what are known as Wild multiplier symbols attached to them now what makes those symbols one you will always want to see spinning in and helping you form one or more winning combinations is that they will boost the value of any winning payouts they do form.

The actual value of the multipliers attached to such wild symbols can and will vary from slot game to slot game, however you may also find some lots that when you spin in more than one of those symbols the multiplier values on each wild symbol will be multiplier together, resulting in you having the chance of winning very big indeed!

Standard Wild Symbols – It is often on the older types of three reel and classic slot machines that you are going to find standard wild symbols in play on their respective reels and those types of wild symbols will stand in for all non scatter and non bonus game awarding symbols.

However, classic slot machines and three reel slots are very basic in their design and as such for something of a much more exciting slot playing experience you should consider playing some of the video slot games as by doing so you will find they offer the additional wild symbols mentioned below.

Random Wilds – Some of the most exciting slot machines you will come across have something known as one or more random wild symbols, however those symbols are added to the reels at random often once the reels have stopped spinning.

Those types of slots may at times be a little bit frustrating to play for you may often find the random wild symbols never get added to the reel positions that would help you form a high valued winning payout, however occasionally they could do and they can often help turn a losing spin into a high paying spin when they do so!

Stacked Wilds – Some video slots will have wild symbols that have been placed onto the reel strips one on top of each other. As such when playing any such slot you could spin in a stack of then in such a way that they cover all of the in view reel positions on one or more reels.

Those types of slot machines are often the types of slots many players will be attracted to playing, for it is possible however quite rare for you to get stacked wild symbols spinning in so that every reel position in view on the slot game screen is a wild one, and when you do so you are going to win the jackpot associated with those symbols multiple times, if you do have every single payline in live play and activated that is!

Random Wild Bonus Games – If you choose to play some of new breed of what are known as All Pays slots, much more so those designed by Microgaming then you are going to find that when playing most of those slots you could trigger something known as a random wild bonus feature.

When that bonus feature has been randomly triggered and awarded to you one or five of the reels will then be selected to be turned into wild reels.

You will be looking for every single reel to turn wild when playing those slot games and that feature is awarded, for if they do then when playing a 243 ways to win slot you will then have formed a whopping 243 jackpot paying winning combinations and will have won a huge amount of cash even when playing for low stakes!