Top 10 Microgaming Slots with High RTP’s

Back in the early 1990’s Microgaming was launched, and they were a company that saw the future of online gambling and set about designing an online gaming platform and a range of games that players could play online.

Now, if you think back to that decade, if you were around, you will recall that the speed of the connections people had to the internet was dismally slow and not only that the computers that were available are not want you could ever call technically advanced by today’s standards either!

However, the years have of course been ticking by and now over 20 years since Microgaming first launched their initial range of casino games, they have gone on to design and release literally hundreds of different slot games and the most recently launched ones are absolutely stunning to play.

Much like all other slot game designers though, they have paid very careful attention to the design of each slot they have developed, and each of them will come with their own long term expected payout percentages or RTP’s as that all important information is much more commonly known as.

When anybody does set about playing Microgaming slots online, what they should be actively seeking out and then playing are their much higher paying slots, those that have been designed to return more of players stakes as winning payouts over the long term.

To help you make sense of just which are their betting paying slots, below you will find the top 10 slots that do offer huge paybacks, so read on to find out just which slots they are.

Ten Slots from Microgaming with the Highest RTP’s 

One thing worth keeping in mind about Microgaming slots is that they have been designed in a different way to those slot machines you are going to find on offer to you in a land based casino.

Land based slot games will often offer higher payout percentages to players that play them with high coin value settings, but Microgaming slots have set in stone long term expected RTP’s no matter what coin values have been selected by players.

Below are the top 10 paying slots Microgaming have launched, and it will be worth checking them out online as they all offer something unique by way of themes, bonus games and playing structures too!

  • Retro Reels Extreme Heat – RTP – 97.50%
  • Hot Ink – RTP – 97.50%
  • Arabian Rose – RTP – 97.50%
  • Couch Potato – RTP – 97.43%
  • Super Nova – RTP – 97.05%
  • 7 Oceans – RTP – 97.00%
  • Avalon II – RTP – 97.00%
  • Immortal Romance – RTP – 96.86%
  • Thunderstruck II – RTP – 96.86%
  • High Society – RTP – 96.80%

Do feel free to play any of the above high paying slots from Microgaming for free online as that way you will get a good feel for the way they play and pay, and can then decide for yourself whether they are going to be worth playing in a real money playing environment whenever you fancy doing so.

Online and Mobile Microgaming Slots

You can play Microgaming slot games in one of several different ways, the first and one way that many players do enjoy is via a mobile app.

One question that many slot players will ask about playing such slots on a mobile device is whether there are going to be any differences regarding the way that they play on a mobile device, when compared to playing them online.

Well, the long term payout percentages re the same in all playing environments, and the stake levels are fully configurable too, so it is just that instead of clicking the start button with a mouse you tap the start button on your mobile device, to send their reels spinning.

Microgaming slots can also be played via an instant play gaming platform, and they have also got a fully downloadable gaming platform.

The thing to keep in mind is that you are going to find way more of their slots on offer on their downloadable gaming platform, and plenty of their original slots they launched back in the early to mid 1990’s are also still available on that gaming platform too.

In fact, you can of course play their range of slots for free with the exception of their progressive slots in all playing environments too, plus if you do win a progressive jackpot Microgaming make sure you get the winnings paid out to you in a lump sum payment rather than smaller monthly payments!

Microgaming Bonuses and Casino Comps

The bonus claiming system that Microgaming software powered casinos have in place are going to put you in full control, for they have been designed in such a way that players will always know where they stand regarding bonus play through requirements and the like.

Many such casinos give players the option of claiming any bonuses they wish to claim themselves often by using a bonus code claiming system, and the terms and conditions attached to Microgaming casino bonuses are always very clearly laid out and are very easy to understand and get your head around too!

I personally like the fact that those casino sites that do offer Microgaming’s range of slot and other casino games give players the maximum choice as to the games they can play with bonus credits and rarely if ever put any maximum cash out limits in their respective bonus terms and conditions.

There will also be plenty of casino comps to be earned when playing Microgaming designed slot games for real money online, but you will need to ensure you shop around for the number of comp points awarded and the redemptions rates can and will vary from casino to casino.

Just make sure that when you do decide to play any of their slot games you make a beeline to play the ones that offer the highest payout percentages, such as the ones that I have listed up above as they are the ones that will give you more winning payout over the long term for sure!