How to Select the Best Mobile Slots to Play

As soon as you download a casino app onto your mobile device you are going to have no shortages of different slot machines to play, and we think you are going to go on something of an adventure if you make the effort to play as many different categories of slots as you can!

However, one thing you may not be aware of is just how diverse and large the different types of slot machines are at each of our featured casinos, so below you will find listed each of the categories of slots you will find on offer at those sites along with a description of what makes each of them unique and highly playable too!

Multiple Bonus Game Slots – You will want fun and entertainment when playing slot machines online and one thing you should therefore try and look out for are some of the very latest brand new slot game releases on which there are multiple bonus games and bonus features that can be triggered and awarded to you.multiple bonuses

By playing those slots you will find you get a much more exciting and entertaining type of playing experience as by triggering their multiple different bonus games and bonus features you will have additional chance of winning, so look out for any new slots and always be prepared to give them a try!

Slots with Comp Multipliers – At different times of the year many casino sites are going to offer special promotional offers that will see you being able to earn a huge number of additional comp points when playing a range of slots themed around that time of year.

Take for example on Valentine’s Day, many casino sites will award comp point multipliers if you choose to play their selected slots offering some form of love related theme and those multipliers can often see your comp point balance shooting up which in turn will allow you to earn many more bonus credits when redeeming your comp point balance!

High RTP Slots – Many mobile and online casinos are legally obliged to list on their websites or on the slot machine pay table or attached help files the long term expected RTP of each slot. The RTP is simply the payout percentage that each game has been designed to payout to players over their long term play.high rtp

Therefore one of the very best ways that you can use to determine just which slots to play when you do fancy spinning some slot game reels is to look up the slots which have payout percentages above 97%, as by making the wise decision of playing those slot machines you are going to get more winning spins and more of your stakes returned to you over your long term play!

Look Out for New Slots – It will always be the very recent slot game releases that are going to be offering you all manner of different play structured and formats as well as offering you one or more than one never seen before bonus game or bonus feature and as such you should always look out for and be prepared to give some of those new slot games some play time.

In fact, many casinos give away additional bonuses and/or promotional offers when they have just made live one of their very latest brand new and fully themed slot machines, so there will often be additional benefits if you do decide to give those new slot machines a whirl!

Try Slots Out For Free – Keep in mind that you are not always required to play slot machines at any online or mobile casino sites for real money as all of our featured casinos for example will allow you to sample playing any of their available slot games for free and at no risk.

So if you have no or very little experience of playing slots online or on a mobile device and you want to see if the slots available are going to tickle your fancy then dedicate a few hours to playing as any of them as you can do via the free play options!

Look Out for Certified Fair Slots – One final thing that you should always have on your checklist of wants and demands from any casino site you end up playing at is to have the peace of mind in knowing you are getting a fair and random outcome on each slot you play. All of our listed and approved casinos are licensed and regulated so you will be assured of accessing fair games when playing any of those casino sites!