Pros and Cons of Claiming Casino Bonus Offers

There are always going to be pros and cons of claiming casino bonuses, for whilst you may be tempted to claim some of the higher valued deposit match bonuses for example or even claim some of the many different types of no deposit bonuses that are always up for grabs online, not all bonuses are designed to give you the maximum playing value.

Below we have listed many different facts and figures that you need to be aware of when claiming casino bonuses and we would urge you to read through each of them to discover what makes some bonuses much more appealing than others!

pros and consPlay Through Requirements – One thing that you are always going to find you have to adhere to when claiming any type of casino bonuses is something known as a set of play through requirements. That is simply a volume of wagers that you have to make before your bonus credits get turned into real money credits.

If you do not look up that information before claiming a casino bonus offer you may have to play through your bonus funds dozens or hundreds of times before you are in a position to cash out any winnings you have made playing off your bonus credits. The best types of bonuses to claim will be those which have a play through requirement of lower than thirty time your bonus credits and not your bonus credits and deposited funds!

More Winning Opportunities – Obviously, by increasing the value of your starting bankroll when you are a slot player by using a casino bonus offers you are then going to have more chances of winning and possibly winning big.

However that does not necessarily mean that you should play for higher stake amounts than you would normally play for as you will find when playing at your usual stake amounts but with additional bonus credits you will experience longer sessions which could see you triggering more bonus games for example on the slots you do decide to play!

Cash Out Limits – One word of caution in regards to claiming some online casino bonus offer is that you may find the terms and conditions attached to some bonus stipulate that you are only going to be able to win a certain amount when playing off your bonus credits.

Those types of bonuses should never be taken by you for if you do win over the cash out limit then that excess amount will be voided from your account and you will only be able to cash out the maximum amount stipulated on the terms and conditions, and as such those bonuses are very risky as you could win big but will only ever be able to win a certain amount from them!

Limited Staking Options – When you have claimed a set of bonus credits if will often be the case that you will then be obliged to play off those credits but within some preset staking options, if you place a wager on just one spin that is over the preset maximum stake permitted by the bonus you are claiming eh case is highly likely to void any winnings you achieve.

So keep in mind that if you do decide you like the look of any casino bonus offer and you claim it you will then often be obliged to stick to playing the slots for a certain stake amount only, which may be a lot lower than you usually play slot games for!

You will however find casinos using NetEnt software and Microgaming software do often come with some of the most liberal casino bonus terms and conditions, so it may be beneficial for you to only take bonuses at casino sites using their gaming platforms and their range of slot games!

Cannot Play All Slots – When you are in the right fame of mind to play slot games you will of course want to play the type of slots that appeal to you personally and will not want to be told just which slot you can play and the ones you can’t play!

However, one of the downsides of taking some casino bonuses is that the casino will only allow you to play the slots they have selected with your bonus credits. With that in mind be wary of and try and avoid playing at casino site that will dictate the slots you can play with their bonuses as in most cases those slots will be the ones with the very lowest payout percentages!