Playing Slot and Pokie Machines in New Zealand

If you do live over in New Zealand then there is no doubt in my mind you will have stumbled across plenty of pokie machines as they are known, in a huge range of different venues and locations, and for those of you that are unaware of what pokies are, they are simply the name that players refer to slot machines as.

The land based pokie and slot machine industry in New Zealand is huge, and the income generated and of course the tax revenues from those machines has also led to a much more relaxed approach by the New Zealand Government to online slots and pokie machines.

Gambling is a highly regulated industry in New Zealand much like it is in any other part of the world, and as such you will find there is a minimum legal age to gamble firmly enforced across the country and plenty of responsible gambling initiatives have also been launched too.

Below I will give you a much deeper insight into playing pokie and slot machines in New Zealand and will be looking at some of the most popular categories of those games and looking at where you can play them.

Most Popular New Zealand Pokies and Slot Games

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Let me now move onto giving you an insight into just how wide and varied the types and range of slot machines and pokie games are online, and remember when playing in an online playing environment you can always chose to play for free and no risk rather than play for real money.

Below you will find listed the most popular and most played categories of pokie and slot machines that most, if not all, online casino sites are going to be offering you, and many sites do also now boast their very own casino apps that come jam packed full of different casino games.

  • Video Slots
  • Progressive Pokies
  • Fruit Machines
  • 3 Reel Pokies
  • Fixed Odds Slots
  • Classic Slot Games

You may never have actually come across fruit machines before, and if you haven’t then boy have you really been missing out on some fun to play slot machines, which have been designed to give you more play time and some much more exciting slot playing sessions.

Fruit machines are usually designed as basic looking three-reel pokies, however when playing them you are going to be triggering a very large number of different bonus games and will be triggering them frequently.

One other thing to keep in mind when you do decide to play pokie games and any type of other slot machines online for real money, is that you are always going to have full control over the stake levels that you play them for, as all of them will be fully player configurable games regarding the coin values and number of coins per spin you can have in live play.

Online Gambling is Legal in New Zealand

There are some weird and wonderful laws in place in many different countries of the world, and some countries have chosen to outlaw online gambling in any form, whilst some countries of the world have some liberal and very relaxed online gaming laws too.

Over in New Zealand it is now perfectly legal to play online casino games including any type of slot machine online, and one major land-based casino operator, that being Sky City have recently launched their very own online casino site.

As such one of the main benefit of playing slot machines online at a casino site that does primarily cater of New Zealand based players as opposed to players from other countries of the world, is that you are always going to be able to set your account to operate in New Zealand Dollars.

By doing so then each time you top up your account or make a withdrawal from your casino account, you are not going to be forced to have to pay any currency conversion fees for turning New Zealand Dollars into another currency and then back again when depositing and cashing out.

But do make a point of finding and then utilizing a deposit option that doesn’t have any additional fees associated with using them, as that way you can benefit from fee free deposits and fee free withdrawals too.

Benefits of Playing Slots Online in New Zealand

I will now take a look at some of the many benefits that will be coming your way if you do decide to switch over some or even all of your slot and pokie playing activities to the online gaming environment, and as you are about to discover there are plenty of benefit of doing so.

  • Comp Points Awarded
  • Certified Fair Games
  • Welcome Bonuses
  • Large Range of Slots
  • Ongoing Promotional Offers
  • Slot Tournament Available
  • New Slot Games Each Month
  • Low to High Stake Options
  • Progressive Jackpots to be Won

Just a word of warning if you do decide to set about playing progressive slot machines online, and that is to always read through the pay tables of those games to discover how you must play them to have the progressive jackpot element of the slot activated. The information about such slots can be read at websites like this one which is dedicated New Zealand slots players.

Many casino sites will have rules in place that will allow them to drip feed players jackpots to them over some very long and drawn out periods of time.

Therefore if you do decide to play any type of progressive slot and pokie machines online, then it is vitally important that you play only at those sites that either have very large cash out and pay-out limits, or sites that guarantee to pay out all players jackpots via a single lump sum winning pay-out.

Also, do actively make a point of only play those games that have been designed with the very highest possible long term expected pay-out percentages as that way you will always get more play time and more winning pay-outs over your long-term real money play.