Playing Penny Slot Games Strategically

Even though you may think penny slot machines are going to be very low cost slots to play, it is often the case that you could end up playing such a slot for much higher stake amounts than you may have thought you could as penny slots can be played for some high stakes when you play maximum paylines and maximum coins per line too.1p coin

There are good ways to play penny slot games and some ways you are best off avoiding if you do not want to bust out your bankroll too quickly! The following guide will show you how you can play penny slot games strategically to allow you to get the maximum fun, entertainment value and of course winning opportunities out of playing them in a certain way!

Play Multiple Different Slots – You could end up on a losing streak when playing any slot games online or on any type of mobile device, and as such one way to try and avoid playing a cold slot game is to try and play a range of different slots when logged into any casino site.

By playing quite a few different slots you only need one of them to be a hot slot for you to end your slot playing session in profit and who knows if you do strike gold you could pay multiple different penny slots all of which turn out to be hot slots which start to pay out as you are playing them!

Look Out for Comp Points Boosters – Although you do not usually tend to earn a great deal of comps points when playing penny slots for very low stake amounts, one way you could massively increase the number of points you do accumulate is to look out for any promotional offers that boost the number of points you earn when playing certain slot games.

Take for example Christmas themed slots many casinos increase the number of points you all earn when playing such slots over the Festive period!

Activate All Pay Lines – You will not want to experience a boring slot playing session if you have chosen to play penny slot games online or when you are playing them on a mobile device and as such when a slot offers you a bonus game via its playing structure then you need to ensure you have the best chance of triggering that bonus game and also getting the maximum amount possible from it!

Therefore irrespective of the type of penny slot games you choose to play you will be best advised to have every single payline activated and in play as that way you will have a much greater initial chance of triggering the bonus game and also getting the best chance of winning big from that bonus game if you do play all paylines much more so if that bonus game is a set of free spins!

Start with a Bigger Bankroll – Even low stake slot games such a  penny slots can eat up a players bankroll very quickly and as such one way that you will possibly be able to ride out any losing streaks is to start your slot playing session which a much bigger bankroll than you had intended to do.

One of the easiest ways you can do just that is by making use of and claiming one of the large arrays of different casino bonuses that are showered on players by most online and mobile casino sites.

Have a look around our website as we will be showcasing to you many different licensed casino sites each of which offer all manner of different bonuses to their new and existing players that you are more than welcome to claim!

Select Slots with High RTP’s – You should try and avoid playing slot machines solely down to the fact you like the theme of the slot game or one of the bonus features that can be awarded to you when playing such slots and instead only pick out the slots to play that have the highest published payout percentages.

Each casino site you come across is of course going to offer possibly hundreds of different types of slot games and if the casino site has a list of the payout percentages each slot has been designed to payout to players over the long term then use that information to allow you to select only the penny slot games with the highest payout percentages as you will win more over the long term when playing those slots!