Online Slot Cheats and Hacks

Wherever any type of gambling activities take place, there are always going to be people who will try to gain an upper hand when gambling in any venue, site or even when gambling via an app.

Whilst the security and integrity of all casino styled games is taken very seriously by the designers and developers of such games and those companies that operate such games, sometimes they can be left vulnerable to those who are prepared to do whatever it takes to cheat them.

Obviously there are many differences and similarities between slot machines which are operated in land based venues and those that are available to online and mobile players, and it is fair to say land based slot machines are always going to be prone to attack by determined slot cheats.

However, over the years many online slot games have been the target of individuals and gangs that have dreamt up all manner of weird and wonderful ways of cheating them and defrauding them, and in this particular article I will take a look at some of the ways online slots have been cheated.

Keep in mind though the following ways of cheating online slots are very well known by casino game designers and those sites and apps that have them on offer, and as such do not be tempted to try and commit any of the following slot cheats or hacks as you will run the very real risk of getting caught when doing so!

Storing Bonus Games When Playing with Bonus Credits 

One quite clever way that online slot players have been able to cheat the system over the years is regarding playing bonus game awarding video slots but with bonus credits.

What some players did realise is that when a bonus game is triggered if they close the slot window or even disconnect their computer from the internet, that bonus game will be saved up and stored until they either reconnect to the internet or launch the slot again.

By claiming a huge valued deposit match bonus offer for example they would then set about playing multiple different video slots, but each time the bonus game triggered they would then shut down the game.

The would continue to do so until they had used up their bonus funds and any deposited funds required to claim that bonus and then would connect to the casino again and make a fresh deposit but on that deposit they would not claim a bonus.

On that session they would then re-launch each of the slots and play off the bonus games that they have saved up and would then set about cashing out all of the winnings they achieved from those bonus games.

At the time casinos were unaware of that scam and would simply pay out those players thinking that they had played with their own funds and had won, and therefore the winnings achieved were not subject to play through requirements. However, casinos soon got wise to that scam and the software has now been changed so it can’t be pulled again!

Hacking a Casino Server

There was a hack on a casino server many years ago, and it was a company called Cryptologic that was the victim of that hack.

What happened was that someone managed to get into their server and quite bizarrely decided to make a slot machine spun in a low valued winning combination on ever spin played off.

Whilst that particular slot machine didn’t get much play time after the hack, there were a number of players that did choose to play that slot and obviously one or more of the hackers too.

With each spin being a winning one those players simply kept on playing the slot and by doing so their account balances continued to grow in size.

Cryptologic did become aware of that hack, however what they decided to do, rather than face any negative publicity, was to pay out every player who was playing the hacked slot in full, if they had gone on to request a winning payout of their winnings.

At the time many people were of the mind this well publicised hack was simply a publicity stunt by the software Cryptologic, however that has never been proven, but one thing you can rest assured of these days is that hacking a casino game server is not an easy task, but it is one that could still be done with the right kind of knowledge of course.

Bonus Collusion

Player collusion is another way that people who want to cheat online casinos can go about doing, so, and that is often why in the terms and conditions associated with claiming casino bonuses there will often be a section about collusion.

You may actually be wondering how players can collude to gain a winning advantage when claiming casino bonuses, well if enough players do and the bonuses they are claiming are high enough in value it is something that can be done.

What players will look out for are high valued deposit match bonuses and then players will set about claiming those bonuses as a team, and will then all play one particular slot, often a high variance one.

What they will be aiming to do with their bonus credits is to play big and win big, which when playing high variance slots is often something that can be done.

Obviously there are risks with playing any high variance slots for high stake amounts, but those risks can be negated when players do work as part of a team of players and they have claimed substantial bonuses too.

Casinos do however tend to look out for any unusual playing patterns and a lot of players claiming the same bonus and then playing the same slot for a high stake amount will certainly attract the attention of a casinos security team for sure, which is usually how such scams are uncovered by casino sites.