Most Played Online Slot Machines

Online casinos first started to appear back in the early to mid 1990’s, and back in the early days all casino sites would have just a small limited number of slot games on offer to their customers, and looking back most of those slots were rather boring ones to play by today’s standards.

However, as the years and then decades have ticked by, and the connection speeds available have massively increased, so have the number, types and variety of slot machines available to online players.

In fact, when you sign up to most casino sites these days you are going to find literally hundreds of different slot machines available at those sites, and they will all be offering something different.

Slot players are all unique of course, and will personally find some slots much more appealing to play and that is why many people do now play online for the sheer number of slot machines available at an online or even mobile casino site is often way higher than those found in a land based casino.

This guide is however going to take a look at some of the most played slot machines and slot categories available online, and by reading on I am going to be bestowing to you the virtues and benefits of playing each type of slot listed below, many of which I am more than confident most slot players are going to find very appealing and will be itching to get stuck into playing.

New All Pays and All Ways Slots

All Ways and All Pays slots are designed in such a way that on each spin played off players get the maximum chances of forming a winning combination based on the number of reels a slot game has and also the number of in view reel symbols are on each slot too.

Take for example a 5 reel slot on which there are three in view reel symbols on each of those reels, those slots offer players a whopping 243 ways to win on every single spin they play off, however some slots can and do offer hundreds more ways to win and some of them even offer players thousands of ways to win too.

The way in which such slots have been designed however, is that for example in the case of those slots offering 243 ways to win, players are not required to wager a coin on each of the ways to win, instead they just pay one set number of coins or an upwards increment of coins.

Therefore they are very cost effective slots to play and players simply need to see spinning in from left to right the minimum number of matching reel symbols at least to guarantee those symbols are covered in one of the ways to win, so do look out for such slots are they are hugely popular with players.

Random Jackpot Slots

As a player can be awarded with a randomly award progressive jackpot at the end of any base game spin when playing for example the RTG designed Real Series slots, they are another very popular type of slot game found at plenty of online and mobile casino sites.

What makes those slots additionally appealing to players is that they are never required to play them for a certain stake amount or put into play a certain number of pay lines, and as such players can win a jackpot no matter what stake they are playing for.

Plus, as the jackpots do not get to grow to the huge amounts most other slot game designers get to, they are awarded much more often, and they are only linked into other slots at the same casino too so are not network-wide slots either.

Multiple Bonus Game Awarding Slots

One bonus game is all some slot machines have to offer players, and as such you will often find that when playing such slots, much more so those that offer a set of free spins, you have to play off on average around 150 base game spins in between each bonus game being awarded.

Therefore be on the lookout for the slots that offer an additional bonus game such as a pick and match or pick and win styled feature round, for slots that offer multiple bonus games are going to award them much more frequently to players.

In fact, fruit machines for example often come with dozens of weird and wonderful bonus games and bonus feature and can award them extremely frequently, often on consecutive spins, and that is one of the main reasons why players do tend to play them very regularly for a much more rounded slot playing experience.

Slots with Wild Reel Features 

Wild reel bonus features are going to have players on the edge of their seat with excitement when they have been triggered, for what they are going to do when triggered is turn as few as one or as many reels are attached to a slot completely wild at random.

The bonus games can be trigged on any base game spin, but they are quite rare and do not get triggered and awarded that often to be perfectly honest, but when that day arrives that a player sees every single reel attached to the slot they are playing becoming completely wild reels they are going to be in for a huge pay day no matter what stake levels they are playing for.

It is often the All Way and All Pays slots that have random wild reel bonus featured attached to them, and due to the huge number of pay lines and ways to win they have in play on such slots and the huge payout potential such slots therefore offer via such features, they are some of the most played slots of any online or mobile casino sites.

But when they trigger it could be the case that just one reel gets turned wild and there could be no winning combinations formed so whilst they are exciting bonus games they can be very frustrating ones too.