Increasing Your Chances of Winning a Slot Tournament

Playing in a slot tournament will give you the chance of winning a range of different cash or bonus prizes depending on how much you win when playing off your entry. When taking part in a slot tournament all of the winnings you achieve when playing off your entry are turned into points.winning

It will then be the player or players at the end of the slot tournament that have accumulated the highest number of points that will be deemed to be the winners and will receive a share of the prize pool. Below is a range of different ways you can increase your chances of winning a slot tournament.

Freeroll Slot Tournaments – Casinos that do offer lots of different slot tournaments to their player soften have a special set of freeroll slot tournaments that are running at certain times of the day or night.

However, some casino sites will also offer new players the chance to enter an exclusive range of freeroll slot tournaments that are only available to newly registered players. As there may not be that many players eligible for those freeroll slot tournament you should consider entering them as you will have a much increased chance of picking up one of the prizes attached to them if you do so!

Enter Lots of Tournaments – It may sound like common sense, but the more slot tournament you do take part in and enter the more chance you are then going to have of actually winning a cash prize!

There are some casino sites namely those that utilize the Microgaming downloadable gaming platform that have a very large number of daily slot tournaments available and as such if you do ever fancy taking part in lots of tournaments on any given day or the week or at any time of the day or night then you will be best off playing at one of those casino sites!

Use the Continue Option – If you are playing in a slot tournament that offers a continue option then that is something you should consider using as by doing so you will then be given more time to play off your entry and will be restocked with additional tournament credits too.continue

However, one thing to always keep in mind is that by using the continue option you are going to have to pay an additional fee, but that may be a good way for you to amass an even higher score if you are in a vulnerable position on the slot tournament leader board and by continuing to play you may additionally reach a much high paying position on the Leaderboard with some luck in playing!

Lower Number of Entrants – One thing worth knowing about all slot tournaments is that they will each come with a starting time and an ending time and as such you will of course need to take your entry during the hours or minutes the tournament is open and in live play.

However, if you come across slot tournaments that are only running for a short period of time for example overnight or on a quieter day of the week then there is a much greater chance of those tournaments only having a small number of entrants in them, and the fewer the number of entrants in a slot tournament the more chance you will then have of winning one of them!

Satellite Slot Tournaments – Some of the very highest paying slot tournaments can have some very high entry fees associated with them and if you only have a small limited bankroll you will find it too expensive to offer many of them.

However, keep your eyes peeled for something known as a Satellite Slot Tournament or those tournaments are often either free to enter or have a tiny entry fee but by taking part in them you could instead of winning a cash prize or bonus credits win a ticket into one of the much higher paying main slot tournaments!

Heads Up Slot Tournaments – If you want a 50/50 chance of winning a slot tournament then the only one you should be entering are Head to Head slot tournaments, as when you enter those types of tournament sit will be just you and one other player taking part in them, the winner of the tournament will of course bag the prize pool which will be much smaller in value than other slot tournaments but still you do have a very fair chance of winning one of them!