How to Trigger More Slot Machine Bonus Rounds

Playing the very latest video slot games online will see you having plenty of opportunities to trigger a range of bonus games and bonus features, and when triggered they do offer players the chance of winning big, and often much more than can be won via the base game alone.

However, as you will probably be aware there are lots of different ways that such bonus games can and will be triggered, and what you will be looking to do is to maximize the chances of triggering such a bonus game and also increasing the chances of you winning big when they have been awarded to you.

Whilst the one main feature all slot games and slot machines share is the simple fact they are completely random, there are a few playing hints and tips that I can pass onto you to give you a better chance of winning and possibly winning some substantial amounts of cash too.

Obviously there are some slot games that are famed for triggering their bonus games much more frequently than other slots, and those that have been designed as low variance slots for example will often award their respective bonus games much more often than say high variance slots.

But being low variance slots, that does of course mean the amounts of cash you can and will win from them tend to be rather low, as opposed to the much rarer triggering and much higher paying bonus games and bonus rounds that can be awarded to you on high variance slot games.

Activate All Pay Lines

Players should always first take a look at the pay table on any bonus game awarding slot machines they are about to play, as by doing so they will then get an idea of what bonus game or bonus games could be triggered and also just how those bonus games are triggered and then play off too.

The number of pay lines that should be put into play when playing such slots is the maximum on offer, for that way if a set of bonus symbols trigger the bonus game, and those bonus symbols must line up on an activated pay line to trigger the feature round, by activating them all players do get the maximum chance s of then triggering that bonus game.

Even when playing slot games that have for example sets of free spins on offer that are triggered by scatter symbols, by having all pay lines activated even though that won’t increase your chances of triggering such a bonus game you will have more chances of your free spins being winning ones with all pay lines in live play and activated.

As most slot machines these days offer different coin value settings, it is possible to activate all pay lines for a small stake amount by playing for the lowest coin denomination, so even low stake players can get the maximum slot playing action.

Two Bonus Games Are Better Than One

A slot offering more than one bonus game is certainly going to be much more appealing to players than a slot with just one bonus game.

Therefore part and parcel of you hunting around for potential slots to play will see you having a quick look at the pay tables of any slot you do come across to get an idea of just who many bonus games are on offer.

Whilst some bonus games admittedly can be few and far between regarding just how often they will be triggered and awarded to you, some slots will award them extremely frequently.

In fact, if you are personally found of bonus game awarding slots then I would recommend you check out the range of fruit machines offered by quite a number of casino sites as there is no doubt in my mind you will have a complete ball playing them, and will be awarded with a plethora of bonus games and bonus features for sure!

Check Progressive Jackpot Meters 

What you will also find is that some slots will award their progressive jackpots by some form of bonus game and bonus feature, and when a slot offers a number of progressive jackpots they are much more likely to award such bonus games when the jackpots are high in value.

Therefore be prepared to spend some time comparing and checking the values displayed on any slot games progressive jackpot meters, and if you do find any that have very high jackpot amounts on their lower valued progressive jackpot meters that could be an indication the bonus games that award those features are about to be awarded.

Aim to Get More Base Game Spins

Please do take a look around this website, for by doing so you are going to find plenty of slot playing articles and guides that will give you an insight into things such as just how many base game spins on average you have to play off before you will trigger a bonus game.

One way that you are going to be able to massively increase the chances of triggering a bonus game is by you playing a slot in such a way that you get many more spins out of your bankroll.

That will obliviously often call for you to lower the stake levels you are playing for, but make no mistake about it the more base game spins you do manage to play off the much better chance you will have over the long term of triggering way more bonus games than you ever would when playing for higher stakes and risking busting out your bankroll too quickly.

Luck does of course also play a big part in just how successful you will be when playing slot machines, but the more spins you play and the longer your slot playing sessions end up being the more bonus game s will trigger, and some of them could turn out to be huge paying ones of course.