How to Increase Your Chances of a Slot Jackpot

How many times have you been playing a slot machine and missed out on winning a jackpot, due to one of the symbols required to form a jackpot paying combination just landing one spot above or below the ones you did manage to line up?

Well, if you answer to that question is lots of times, then you are not alone, for when you do set about playing any slot games in any playing environment you are always going to miss out on winning a jackpot or even triggering a bonus game due to a near miss!

However, all slot players are going to have their own unique playing systems and strategies, in the hope that one day they are going to land that always illusive jackpot paying winning combination of reel symbols on an activated pay line.

But there are plenty of ways that players can increase their chances of winning a slot jackpot, and this article will hopefully give you some ideas of how you are going to be able to do just that.

With each slot machines ever invented being completely random though and as they are games of chance, you will have to take the rough with the smooth, as you are going to have more losing sessions when playing slot machines that you ever will have winning sessions, but that is all part and parcel of being a slot player these days as it has always been!

Always Activate All Pay Lines

The number of pay lines that you do decide to activate and put into live play is always going to determine the chances that you will have of spinning in a jackpot, however there are lots of different slots offering all manner of different playing structures of course.

Take for example if you set about playing a three reel classic slot, those slots tend to offer just one single pay line so you cannot increase the chances of winning the jackpot with just one single pay line in live play.

However, by increasing the number of coins that you wager on that one single pay line there can often be an enhanced jackpot up for grabs, so do always make a point of reading through and checking the pay table of such slots to see that if by playing maximum coins on the pay line you get a much higher valued jackpot that has been boosted in size.

Multi line three reel slots will also offer an increased jackpot on the higher numbered pay lines, so once again check to see if any you fancy playing do and if so then make sure you put all lines in play to take full advantage of those enhanced jackpot payouts.

When playing a video slot playing it will a lower number of pay lines that the slot offers will increase the chances of you winning a jackpot, and you will be kicking yourself if you see a jackpot winning combination lining up on a pay line you didn’t activate!

Consider Using a Deposit Match or Reload Bonus

One way that you could increase the chance s of you winning a jackpot is by simply playing in such a way that you get more spins from your bankroll, and the easiest way to do that is to either play for much smaller stakes that you usually play for or make use of a casino bonus offer.

By claiming for example a deposit match bonus offered by a new casino site that you have never played at before or by claiming a reload type of bonus from a casino you do play at regularly you can often at least double the value of your next deposit at those sites.

But never claim a bonus if you are going to be limited as to how much you can cash out from any winnings you achieve, for of a casino site does cap players winnings when they have been using a casino bonus, if you win a jackpot you may not get paid it all out.

The terms and conditions of all bonuses are going to let you know whether you can cash out all winnings achieved when playing with bonus credits or not, so you need to make a point of always reading them through in full to discover if you are going to get more play time, spins and winning opportunities when claiming any bonus or whether the opposite will be the case!

Enter Online Slot Tournaments 

winner trophy

For any players out there who may not have any cash left to play slot machines with online, keep in mind that there is still a way that you could win a slot game jackpot even when playing for free, and that is something that is bound to be of interest to lots of you out there that may currently be bereft of a bankroll!

The way you could win for real but play for free is by entering one of the free to enter no cost slot tournaments that many casino sites offer their players.

All that you will be faced with doing when you enter such a slot tournament is playing the chose slot game for a certain amount of time, usually a few minutes or so, and all winnings you achieve are turned into points.

At the end of the slot tournament it will then be each of the players that own the most and therefore managed to achieve the highest score that will win one of the cash or bonus credits associated and attached to the slot tournament.

The value of those prizes can and will vary however, but some casino sites do tend to give away some substantial amount of cash via their slot tournaments, so always be prepared to take a good look around to discover whether any casinos you are a member of or fancy signing up to do offer free roll slot tournaments to their players.