How to Get More Slot Play Time from Your Bankroll

There is one thing any slot player will want, in addition to ending their slot playing session with way more money than they started playing with, and that is getting plenty of pay time from their bankroll. However, that is often easier said than done as slot machines by their very nature are random and a losing session could see your bankroll being busted out very quickly!

To help you get an idea of many different ways that you can get more play time from your bankroll, below you will find several different strategies, hints and tips for doing so, and as such please read on and make sure you try some of the ways listed to get a much longer slot playing session!

Play for Lower Stakes – The most obvious way that you will get more slot spins out of your bankroll when playing slot machines is by you reducing the stakes you are playing for. Many slot machines also offer and optional pay line playing format and as such you can reduce the number of lines you play per spin.1p

However, you are usually best advised to play every single payline attached to a slot to ensure you have the maximum chances of winning, so when doing so make sure you reduce the number of coins in play on your activated pay lines to get more spins per session but still have the maximum chances of spinning in a winning combination!

Take a Casino Bonus – As long as you a lays keep in mind that whenever you do claim and then make use of a casinos bonus offer you are going to have to achieve a certain volume of wagers when playing off those credits known as a play through requirement before you can cash out any winnings then you will be best advised to consider using bonuses.

If you have set aside plenty of time for your next slot playing session then try and claim some of the highest valued deposit match bonuses, ideally those that give you 100% or more of your deposited amount as bonus credits for when claiming them you will certainly get more spins from your bankroll some of which could turn out to be very high paying ones!

Try a Slot Tournament – One way that you will get a huge amount of play time is when you switch from playing slot games in your usual way to playing them in a tournament fashion, both land based casinos and online casino will offer a range of different slot tournaments in fact some of them will be completely free to enter.slot tournament

However, it is often the case that by entering a paid to enter slot tournament which will only cost usually a few Dollars, Pounds of Euros you will have a much better chance of winning a much larger amount of cash if you are one of the highest scoring entrants who wins the most when playing off your entry!

Play for Free – One downside of playing slot machines in any real money playing environment is that there will often come a time when you have completely exhausted your available gambling budget and will not have any spare cash to play with.

As such that is the time you should consider playing some slots for free and at no risk as all of the casinos you will see showcased throughout our website will give you the option of playing them for free and at no risk. In fact, that way of playing is going to allow you to try out some new slots machines and slot games that you may never have played before to get used to the ay that they play and pay!

Play Only Certified Fair Slots – One final thing that you should always insist on as a real money slot player is that the slot machines you will be accessing at any online or mobile casino site has been independently tested and have all been certified as by 100% fair and random slots.fair

One way you can do that is to only ever play at fully licensed and regulated online and mobile casino sites, however also do be on the lookout for any casinos whose games have been tested by iTech Labs as that is another way you can play with complete confidence as that company does check every single game to ensure it plays and pays exactly as designed.