Get More Play Time from Your Bankroll

There is, of course, only one thing that is going to give you the chance to gamble at any casino site or venue, and that is your bankroll, and you must treat it with the utmost respect for when its gone it’s gone!

Whilst most gamblers will simply play their favourite games when playing at a casino site and will choose a stake and simply hope Lady Luck is on their side when playing, there are more and more gamblers that are becoming very savvy.

What they will do is look for every possible way to get more play time from their bankroll and will always be looking for the games that can and do offer the best chances of winning, and those are two things that I will be taking a much deeper insight in the following guide.

So, if you have been experiencing a poor run or luck recently or have found then when you do play at any online or mobile casino site you money doesn’t last very long, then please do read on for below you are going to discover plenty of ways that you can extend your play time and get more winning opportunities when gambling at a casino site or via a casino app.

But never forget, that as each game you will be playing is random, there are never any guarantees that you are going to win, but when you do you must have a system in place that ensures you lock in those winnings and cash them out.

Using Casino Bonuses and Promotional Offers

The most obvious way that players can get more play time from their bankroll is by claiming and making use of casino bonuses and additional promotional offers.

When you take into account that some online and mobile casino sites are giving their new customers access to deposit match bonuses of at least 100% of their deposited amount, new players at most casino sites can instantly double the value of their bankroll.

But, and this is a big but, all bonuses come with their own unique set of terms and conditions, and it is those t’s and c’s that will ultimately determine whether a bonus is truly worth claiming or not.

The standard rule of thumb so to speak when hunting around for the very best valued bonuses is to ensure the play through requirements attached to the bonus credits are as low as possible, there are no game restrictions and that players can cash out any amount they have won once the play through requirements have been achieved.

Casinos that limit the amount players can win and then cash out from bonus credits or force them to play just a small selection of games with their bonus credits or in some cases make them play for a certain stake level when playing off bonus credits are casinos to be avoided at all times!

Carefully Selecting the Games You Play

casino chips and playing cards

Players do need to spend some time doing their research on just which games they should be playing online, for each game will have its own long term expected RTP or house edge, and the higher the RTP and the lower the house edge attached to any game the better.

Whilst slot machines are completely random and as such there is no real skill involved in playing them, there are some games that do have a level of skill associated with them.

Take the game of Blackjack for example; by learning how to play perfectly using the very best strategy for the variant a player is playing, they can get the house edge down to the absolute minimum.

Plus, by learning to count cards then a player will increase their chances of winning when playing in a land based casino or at any of the casino sites that now offer live casino games too.

Video poker is another game that the way they are being played can have some effect on the outcome, and that is another game that players should learn to play perfectly, and whilst there are lots of different variants available, most of them can and do offer some truly huge long term expected payout percentages.

So by picking out the best paying games and learning to play them optimally all players will have the very best chances of winning or at the least getting much more play time out of their bankrolls, so keep that in mind when playing.

Loss and Stop Limits

It can be very hard to stop playing slot machines when you are winning, and when you are experiencing a losing session and are connived a huge paying bonus game is just around the corner, you could spend way more money than you ever intended to do.

Therefore, one way that players should set about playing slots is to put into place both a stop loss limit and also have a winning goal in mind.

By stopping playing once you have lost the initial amount of cash you have planned to do if the reels didn’t spin you way then you are not going to dip into your savings or cash you have set aside for another session but at a later date.

If you also have in place a reasonable winning goal then by cashing out those winnings and then by stopping playing you will have finds available to do as you wish with, including being able to get more play time at a later date.

As for what a winning goal should be, well if you try and double your initial starting bankroll or increase it by 50% in value you will often find you do so.

But at the end of the day it is going to take willpower to stop playing when you are having a winning session and when you are you can often feel like you are invincible and will continue to play, but possibly end up losing your intial winnings and your starting bankroll too.