What Extras Will a Casino Comp Club Offer Me?

This slot playing guide is dedicated to the world of slot comps and casino loyalty schemes in general. Whenever you play at any of our listed casino sites as a real money player you will automatically be enrolled into that casinos comp club.extras

That will mean each time you play any real money slot or other casino game you will be earning a number of points based on your level of real money gaming action, those points can then be turned into playing credits once you have earned enough of them. Below are several of the additional benefits of playing at our featured casinos due to the way their respective comp clubs have been designed and structured!

Multi Tiered Comp Clubs – If you would class yourself as something of an avid slot player and you are likely to play slot games online for some fairly long periods of time then we would urge you to sign up to an online casino site that has a multi-tiered comp club as there will be plenty of additional benefits coming your way when you do so.

If you are prepared to concentrate the vast majority of your real money slot playing efforts at just one such casino site then you will find your gaming action will allow you to rise up through the ranks of the comp club which will then see you not only earning more comps based on your gaming action but you will get some much more generous redemption rates for turning your comp points into playing credits the higher you rise up in comp club!

Comp Club Bonus Offers – All casino sites that have made an effort to design their own unique comp club will be serious about keeping their players loyal and one additional way to keep players coming back for more will be by the comp club Manager sending out promotional offers such as deposit match bonuses to all of their players.

It is often the case however that if you are playing at a casinos site offering a multi-tiered type of comp club that the high you do get in the comp club the bigger and better valued the bonus offers will become, and often you get awarded with a bonus when you make it up to the next tier of the comp club too!

Points Multiplier Days – With many slot games boasting theme based around different times of the year out will often find that as a player of most comp clubs you will receive initiations to play certain slots on for example Christmas Day, Easter or Halloween that are themed around those times of the years and by playing them you will be earning comp point boosters.

You can often find casinos offering two, three or even four times the number of comp points when you play those fully themed slots so do be on the lookout for such offers as you can massively increase the number of comp points you will earn when you take part in those promotional offers!

Free Slot Spins – All casino sites are going to want their players to be aware of any new slot games that have been launched recently and one way that a comp club will ensure those brand new slot machines are played is by giving members of those clubs sets of free spins to play them with!

The best aspect of playing off a free set of slot spins via such a promotional offer is that you will be allowed to keep any winnings you achieve, which with some luck in playing could be some very sizeable amounts of cash, just look out for casinos that give you your winnings as cash credits and not bonus credits!

Birthday Bonuses – Any online or mobile casino sites worth their salt will always value you as a player and will do whatever they have to do to keep you loyal to their site, and one way that they can make you feel special is by remembering your Birthday each year!

Some casino sites will be more than happy to flip you a no deposit required bonus each year on your Birthday, however some other casinos sites will off you a very large deposit match type bonus when your Birthday comes around each year!

So keep your eyes on your email inbox when it is your Birthday as you are bound to be contacted by all casinos you are a member of offering you some kind of bonus offer!