Casino Payment Methods FAQ’s

To be able to seamlessly make a deposit into a casino site whilst at the same time make a rapid withdrawal when you win, you will of course need to have on hand a payment option that the casino you are playing at offers via their banking interface and also have access to that payment method, whether it is a web or e-wallet a debit or credit card or one of the many other options.

With that in mind if you are interested in learning more about the available banking options that will be available to you at many of our featured casino sites please read on. Below we have an overview of several of the most commonly used casino banking options and have also answered some of the most commonly asked questions about each of them too.

Paypal Casinos

PayPal is one of the most popular e-wallets currently in existence, and it can be used to purchase goods online, send money to anyone with an email address and in certain circumstances you are going to be able to use that e-wallet as both a deposit and withdrawal option at many casino sites.paypal logo

Can Anyone Deposit Using Paypal?

You will have to live in one of the counties that Paypal lists on their website if you want to be able to make deposits into a casino site account, for Paypal has to comply with different laws and regulations in many different countries regarding gambling site money transfers, so please check their website for any country specific restrictions.

How do I Access Money in my Paypal Account?

You have instant access to the funds held in your Paypal account at any time of the day or night. What you will be best advised to do is to link your Paypal account up to your bank account in regards to you then being able to withdraw your Paypal balance at any time back to your bank account. If you bank is in one of the countries operating on the speedy payments system that will see your Paypal withdrawals appearing in your bank account seconds after you withdraw them.

Are Paypal Fees Excessive?

It is open to debate as to whether the fees charged by Paypal are excessive however they do tend to keep their fees as low as they can do and you may find that if you do use your account more and more the fees charges will become lower.

How Quickly Can I Deposit and Withdraw Using Paypal?

In regards to how long a deposit will take using Paypal it will be a matter of seconds from when you click the deposit button until those funds appear in your casino account, when receiving payments from a casino as soon as the casino sends them to your Paypal account they will become instantly available to you.

Skrill Casinos

Another e-wallet which you may be interested is using is Skrill, the company behind Skrill used to go by the name Moneybookers, however they recently rebranded and the company has recently changed hands and has been bought out by another payment provider but has kept the name Skrill.skrill logo

There is nothing complicated about the way their e-wallet system works, you can sign up for your own account in a matter of minutes and once you do so you can then top up your account and start to send money around the web or you can start to receive money from any type of gambling site into your account.

Is Skrill Safe?

Skrill is one of the securest e-wallets around and they take great pride in their highly advanced security protocols whilst ensuring their customers do have access to their accounts and can use them seamlessly at any time of the day or night seven days a week!

Can I Transfer Money in Any Currency?

You can set up your Skrill account to operate in one main currency, however once you have opened that account in your preferred currency you will be able to make deposits and receive payments in any other currency.

Do Lots of Casinos Accept Skrill?

There are thousands of different casinos, poker, bingo and even sports betting sites that allow their customers to deposit and withdraw using Skrill, and as such you will never have any problems finding somewhere to gamble using this e-wallet!

What is the Main Benefit of Using Skrill?

The main benefit of using Skrill for most gamblers is that it offers them a way to keep all of their gambling funds and their gambling bankroll away from their bank accounts and allows them to move money into and out of a huge number of different gambling related sites instantly and in a highly secure way too.

PaySafeCard Casinos

One thing we have noticed recently is that many people are being put off making deposits into casino sites and any other type of gambling related sites as they are wary about giving out their credit or debit card numbers when making such a deposit.

There is in fact an ideal solution for you if you are one such person and that is a prepaid voucher type service offered by a company that goes by the game of PaySafeCard.

You can buy a PaySafeCard voucher from shops and retail outlets across the world, and it is much like buying a mobile phone top up voucher. You simply request a PaySafeCard voucher of any amount, hand over your cash and you will then be given a voucher with a unique pin number written on it which you enter into a casinos banking interface to transfer the face value of the voucher into your casino account.paysafecard

Can I Withdraw Winnings Back to a PaySafeCard Voucher?

You can only due PaySafeCard vouchers to make a deposit into a gambling site account and if you do intend to deposit that way make sure you have a method available that will allow you to withdraw your winnings quickly when you do have a winning session!

Will I Have to Pay Fees to Buy a PaySafeCard Voucher?

There are usually no additional fees or charges you will have to pay when buying a voucher you just pay the face value of that voucher. Some retail outlets may impose a small fee on you for offering the service however the vast majority of shops and stores do not.

What is the Lowest Valued PaySafeCard Voucher I Can Buy?

It will be dependent on where you buy a PaySafeCard voucher from that will determine the lowest face value of those vouchers you can buy, and also be aware that casinos may have a different deposit amount you can make using such a voucher so ensure you are aware of any minimum deposit requirements before you buy a PaySafeCard voucher to ensure you can use it at the casino site you wish to use it at!

Are PaySafeCard Vouchers Available in Different Currencies?

If you buy a PaySafeCard voucher in the UK then that voucher will be paid for and issued in GBP, if for example you buy such a voucher in Spain then that voucher will of course be in Euros. However, if you wish to deposit into a casino site in for example Euros but you have a GBP voucher then the banking interface at the casino site you are playing at can make the necessary currency exchange rate adjustments.

Entropay Casinos

One of the more imaginative casino payment options is the service offered by Entropay. What they offer is a prepaid virtual debit card that allows you to make highly secure deposits into your casino account using a one off disposable type of virtual debit card.entropay logo

You will have to first sign up for one of their accounts if you wish to make use of their service, and then use one of their available deposit options to top up your account, but when you do so you are then ready to start generating those prepaid visa cards.

Once your Entropay account is set up and funded you simply select an amount you wish to deposit into any casino site and then a one off debit card number will be generated which you use to make your deposit in a highly secure way!

What Currencies Can I Select?

You will be able to make a deposit into a casino site account using Euros, UK Pounds Sterling and US Dollars when using an Entropay virtual debit card, so you will have full control over how much you deposit, where you deposit and also in which currency too!

Do Lots of Casinos Accept Entropay?

Any casino site that accepts debit cards is going to allow you to fund your casino account using an Entropay virtual debit card and as such you will have a huge number of casinos that you can pick and choose from to make your deposits at.

Can I Claim Bonuses When Depositing by Entropay?

One question you will probably be looking for the answer to is whether you are going to be able to claim bonuses when using Entropay, well there will be just as many bonus offers and promotional deals available to you when using this payment option as are available to you when you use any other casino payment method!

How Secure is Entropay?

Due to the unique way you generate the debit card details yourself as and when you need them Entropay offers one of the most highly secure casino payment options around. All transactions are of course encrypted when you use a casinos banking interface and once you have used a virtual debit card it cannot be used again.

Pay by Phone Casinos

One quite handy service offered to mobile casino players is a payment option whereby you have the ability of making a deposit and having the value of that deposit added onto your next mobile phone bill, if your airtime provider account is a monthly contract/

If you have a prepaid type of mobile phone account then any amount that you have as a positive on your phone can be used to fund you mobile casino account.

There are a few questions we just know you are going to have about this type of casino banking option and we have answered the most commonly asked ones below for you!pay by phone logo

How Much Can I Deposit by my Phone Bill?

There are some quite strict restrictions in place in regards to how much you can deposit per day, week and month using the Pay by Phone deposit option, which will allow you to budget for your deposits and will stop you running up a huge phone bill if you get too carried away!

Is it Just Mobile Casinos that Accept Pay by Phone?

Online casinos will not allow you to fund your account using your mobile phone bill, but one thing that you will find is that most casino sites do also offer a mobile gaming platform, and your online log in details will usually give you access to their mobile casino apps.

How Do I Withdraw My Winnings?

You cannot withdraw winnings back to your mobile phone bill, so if you do intend using this service then you will have to select one of the many additional withdrawal options to allow you to receive your winnings.

Do All Airtime Providers Let Me Deposit Using My Phone Bill?

You will find lots of different mobile casino sites will let you add funds to your account using Pay by Phone deposit options and most airtime providers will allow you to utilize this service however there will be a small number of country restrictions in place.

Credit Card Casinos

There are pros and cons in regards to using a credit card as the way you fund your online casino account and as such we shall now enlighten you on what they are and we will also answer several questions you may have about using such a card to make deposits into a casino!

The first thing you do need to be aware of is that you may have to pay something known as a cash advance fee when using a credit card to fund a casino account, as many credit card issuers look at casino deposits as a cash withdrawal and will charge you a percentage of your deposit amount as a cash advance fee!

Also, whilst you should have no problems being able to withdraw winnings from a casino and having those winnings credited back to a Visa credit card, you cannot withdraw winnings from a casino and have those winnings credited back to a MasterCard credit card account!

Do Casinos Charge a Fee for Credit Card Deposits?

Sadly due to credit card companies and issuers of such cards charging merchants a hefty fee to allow them to accept credit card deposits some casino sites may impose on you a fee when you deposit this way. However, some casino sites will swallow up that fee so the amount you deposit will not be subject to any casino related fees or charges!

Am I Limited in Regards to How much I Can Deposit Using a Credit Card?

You will be allowed to deposit up to a certain amount using a credit card and if you wish to deposit more than a set amount each day, week or month you will have to get your casino account fully verified which is a fast one off cards

Are Credit Card Deposits Instant?

All deposits made using a credit card are going to be processed in real time and as such your deposits will show up in your account in a few seconds after they have been approved by your credit card issuer.

Will My Credit Card Information be Secure?

One thing you will never want to happen is for your credit card details to become known by any other person when you are making a deposit into any casino site. The banking interfaces at all casino sites are highly secure and as such you will find all information is fully encrypted before being processed to ensure your credit card details are secure.