Casino Bonuses worth Claiming

This section of our website is going to be taking a look at a range of different casino bonuses you can claim. However, we will also be enlightening you as to the pros and cons and any additional benefits of claiming each of these different types of bonuses if you are a slot player in particular.

There are some fairly straight forward bonus offers available to you at many different online and mobile casino sites, but there are some bonuses that are quite unique. Read on for a few pointers in regards to just which types of casino bonuses are going to be worth claiming when you are next in a slot playing frame of mind!

Free Slot Spins – If you come across any casino site that is giving away a free set of slot spins on any of their slot machines then there are a couple of things to look out for to ensure those promotional offers are going to be worth your time and effort claiming.

free spinsFirstly, make sure that in regards to video slots the maximum number of paylines will be in play on those free slot spins, you will be wasting your time if for example a slot with 100 paylines only has 5 of those lines activated when you are awarded a free set of slot spins!

Also make sure the winnings you can keep when paying off a free set of slot spins are awarded as cash credits and not bonus credits as the latter will see you having to play off your winnings to achieve the pay through requirements before you can cash out your winnings!

Cash Back Bonuses – Many casinos offer something known as a cash back bonus to their newly registered player and when you claim such a bonus if your initial slot playing session is a losing one then they will credit back to you a certain amount of your losses as a cash back bonus.

The best valued cash back bonuses are those that give you back the highest percentage of your losses and also those that do not pay you your cash back as bonus credits with play through requirements attached but credit then back as real cash credits as then you can do what you please with those cash credits including cashing them out if you wish to!

Deposit Match Bonuses – With you having the ability to claim some deposit match bonuses worth 100% or higher of your deposited amount as bonus credits then these types of bonuses are often he most generous ones that you can make use of at any casino site offering them to their players.

As long as you stick to utilizing the deposit match bonuses that do not limit how much you can win and withdraw and also stick to claiming on those bonuses that come with a reasonably low set of play through requirements you will find they are a great way of getting much more play time from your often very overstretched bankroll!

No Deposit Bonuses – We would advise a lot of caution if you see any casinos offering no deposit bonuses for those casinos are giving away free cash to players to try out their range of casino games but those sites will want to mitigate the risks of those players winning a sizeable amount of cash by attaching to such bonus offers a high number of terms and conditions.

It can often be the case that if you do make us of a no deposit casino bonus the most you could ever win once you have managed to achieve all of the play through requirements is the value of the initial bonus, which in most cases is only a tiny amount of cash!

Exchanging Comp Points for Cash – It doesn’t matter where you choose to play slot machines in a real money playing environment you are going to find most if not all casinos have their own unique loyalty scheme also known as comp clubs.

You will find much like when you are a member of a land based casinos comp club if you play online or mobile slots when you have accumulated enough comp points you can turn those comps in bonus credits.

However, many casinos now award your credits as cash and not bonus credits, and that does of course mean those casinos are the best ones to play at as you can do what you want with your cash credits without being tied into play through requirements first!