Best Slot to Play with Bonuses

Sign up to any online or mobile casino site and you are of course going to be offered all manner of different bonuses and additional incentives to try out such sites.

Whilst the size and value of a welcome bonus is often going to be the one reason why a player will try out a new casino that they have never played at before, everybody that is considering claiming any type of bonuses needs to be aware of the risks associated with doing so.

If you are a slot player for example then there are going to be a huge range and variety of different bonuses and promotional offers available to you by signing up to any online or mobile casino site, but you will have to spent as much time as is required reading through the terms and conditions of any bonus offer that you like the look of to see if they are favourable t’s and c’s.

This guide is shortly going to give you an insight into just which slot games are the best ones to play with bonus credits.

But before I give you an overview of just which slots that are, keep in mind that at the end of the day you will always want to ensure you have a very fair and decent chance of winning when claiming a bonus.

Therefore only ever claim bonuses that come with low play through requirements, and never be tempted to claim a bonus if you are limited regarding the slots you can then go on to play with your bonus credits or if the amount of cash you can win and cash out has been capped in any way!

Which Slots to Play with Bonus Credits

Below are some different types of slot machines and slot games that are going to be the ideal one’s for you to play with bonus credits, and underneath that list you will find an overview and the reasons as to why those slots are great ones to play with bonus credits too.

  • Low Variance Slots
  • Slots with High RTP’s
  • Fast Paying Slot Games
  • All Way and All Pays Slots
  • Slots with Auto Play
  • Bonus Game Awarding Slots
  • Non Progressive Slots

Now, let me give you some ideas as to why each of the slot types and categories listed above are going to be the ideal and perfect one’s for you to play with bonus credits.

Low Variance Slots 

The reason why low variance slots are great ones to play with bonus credits is that they have been designed to spin in lots of lower valued winning combinations, and as such players do have a very good chance of recycling their bankrolls when playing them.

By recycling your bankroll or should I say your bonus credits plenty of times is that you then have a good chance of achieving the play through requirements.

Slots with High RTP’s

The slot machines that have the highest payout percentages are, by their very nature going to give you more winning payouts over the long term and that could help you rattle through your play through requirements when playing off bonus credits.

Fast Paying Slot Games

By claiming a large number of bonus credits one way of soon discovering your fate will be by playing a fast playing slot, as that way you can rattle through a huge number of spins in a very short space of time and find out whether you have ultimately won or lost!

All Way and All Pays Slots

To have the chance of winning big but getting plenty of play time and winning opportunities, you should also consider giving some of the All Pays an All Ways slot some play time.

What you will like about those types of slots is for example the ones that offer you 243 ways to win on each spin you play off can be played for many different staking options.

But they tend to come with bonus games and built in bonus features that do give you the chance of winning big and that is something that all players will ideally be looking to achieve, much more so when they are playing with any amount of bonus credits!

Slots with Auto Play

Many players will claim a casino bonus simply to try and win, and are not really interested in the thrill and excitement of playing a slot machine!

If you are one such player then look out for the slot machines and slot games that have an auto play facility, as that way you can set the slots to play themselves and then wander off and do something else whilst the slot is being played off.

You can then go back to that slot after any number of spins that you have set it to play off automatically to see if you have won or lost!

Bonus Game Awarding Slots

Bonus game awarding slots are always going to be much more exciting to play than the older styled three reel slots that do not offer any form or type of bonus games or bonus features, so try and give some of those slots a try and a little bit of play time when you have bonus credits in your casino account.

For the chance of a mega sized winning payout do be on the look out for free spins bonus games that can be triggered and awarded to you on some slots and the ones that offer some huge valued multipliers too, for they are the types of slots that every now and then can payout big!

Non Progressive Slots

Avoid playing progressive slot games with bonus credits for often they come with very low payout percentages and often you will not be permitted to play such slots anyway with bonus credits. You will have more chances of winning big when playing a non progressive jackpot awarding slot than when playing a slot that does offer one or more progressive jackpots!