Choosing a Casino Withdrawal Option when Depositing by Phone

You will not find a much quicker nor convenient way to deposit into a mobile casino account than using the pay by phone banking option. However, that way of funding your casino account is of course a one way method.

As such you will need to have at hand a way for you to withdraw any winnings that you are lucky enough to achieve when playing off your pay by phone credits! With that in mind below we will give you an overview of several different withdrawal options that you may wish to consider using and will enlighten you on any pros and cons of using each of them too.

Withdraw to Your Debit Card – One of the fastest ways and one of the most cost effective ways that you can make a rapid withdrawal from any online or mobile casino site account is to request your winnings are pad to any debit card you may have used in the past that is linked up to your bank account.debit card

As many banks in different countries of the world now utilize the speedy payments system that means you will often find your winnings showing up in your bank account within two hours of the casino processing those winnings and sending them out to you when you use this particular payment option!

Paypal – You may wish to get paid your winning via Paypal as millions of people the world over have one of their E-wallet accounts, however one thing you need to be aware of is that there are only a small number of countries in the world that Paypal will allow their users to have winnings paid to them from a gaming site.

So we would advise you to check whether you can indeed get paid out any winnings from an online casino before you select it as a withdrawal option at the casino site you are playing at as mentioned not every player is going to be able to do so and whether they will or not will be based solely on the country they are living in!

Bank Transfer – You will need to be aware that whilst you are more than welcome to have your winnings sent back to your bank account at most casinos, when you opt to utilize a bank transfer or bank wire there is often going to be a few days delays in the casinos processing your winnings and you receiving them.

Plus, many banks will charge a small fee when they have received a bank wire that is taken out of your winnings, so whilst this is an option you may wish to consider it is certainly not going to be the most cost effective or cheapest way to get paid out your winnings!

Neteller – One web wallet that was set up specifically so that casino game players and gamblers in general could keep all of their bankrolls in one very easy to manage online account was Neteller and a huge number of players do utilize their services.neteller logo

One thing you may appreciate if you do sign up for a Neteller account is that you can ask them to send you out a prepaid debit card that will be linked up to your Neteller account so you will always have access to the fund held in your account by using that debit card to make purchases or withdraw cash from any ATM!

Skrill – The service that is offered to you by Skrill who used to be known as Moneybookers is very similar to the one offered by Neteller. As such you will be using an online e-wallet system that will allow you to send money into any casino site and also receive winning payments from those sites too. They also have their own prepaid debit card you can apply for that will allow you to always be able to access the funds held in your Skrill account.

Money Transfer Service – Try and avoiding being paid out by a money transfer service such as Money Gram or Western Union for one thing you are going to always find when making a withdrawal using either of those to options is that there will be come very hefty fees to pay.

If you do intend to gamble online then always try and have a completely fee free way for you to make a withdrawal as by doing so you will never find the value  of your withdrawals being reduced which they will be if opting for a money transfer service!