The Best New Slot Sites For 2019

Welcome to New Slot Sites, we have one aim and that is to present to every single one of our website visitors with the very best casinos offering you the very best slot games. We primarily specialise in finding the top rated sites for all UK based players, using our own ranking system to determine who you can trust to give you a quality gaming experience that is as hassle free as possible.

As we have established ourselves as a quality resource for slots players we have been able to negotiate some high valued bonus offers and promotional deals with each of our approved casinos.

That means when you make the decision to become a new player at any of them you will be able to boost the value of your bankroll by making use of any exclusive new player slot bonuses.

With that in mind please do spend as much time as you need looking around our site, for we know you will find all of the information contained within it of great use if you want to know where to play slot machines, the best ones to play and how to increase your chances of winning!

What to Look Out for from a New Online Slot Site

Online Money Games

Before we give you a complete insight into the types of slot machines you will have access to online or when logged into a casino on your mobile device, let us give you an overview of what you should be looking for in regards to selecting one or more slot sites to play at.

One thing we can assure you of is that every single casino we have chosen to present to you throughout our website offers all of the following features and benefits, and as such you can have complete confidence any of those casino slots sites you select to play at will be giving you an unsurpassed type of gaming experience.

Licensed and Regulated 

You will want to have the peace of mind in knowing you are playing at a fully licensed and regulated casino site, for by doing so you will be guaranteed of being able to access fair and random slots and will also find those casinos are run and operated to the very highest of standards.

All of our handpicked casino sites are fully licensed and regulated and you will also find that whenever you have a winning session and make a withdrawal from your casino account, your winnings will be paid out to you in full and in a timely manner, too.

Fair Bonus Terms and Conditions 

If you look around the web and take a look at some of the many complaints casino game players have, you will discover a fair number of them are based around casino bonuses.

Therefore, this is something which you should take note of, for many casinos will often use their bonuses as a way to tie players deposits up into very high play through requirements or make the terms and conditions so strict and unfair players have very little chance of ever being able to reach a point in their gaming session when they can cash out any of their winnings as real money.

We have ensured that every single casino site we are going to be showcasing to you throughout our website has fair bonus terms and conditions attached to all of their promotional offers and deals, and as such you will always have a sporting chance of winning when claiming and using those bonuses.

Have a look around our website for we just know some of the special and exclusive bonuses we are going to be showcasing to you are going to be of great interest, and every single one of them will allow you to boost the value of your bankroll and will offer you a fair chance of winning.

Large Range of Slot Machines 

Hundreds of different slot machines are going to be just a couple of clicks of your mouse away or just a couple of taps of your mobile devices screen, no matter which slot sites UK players are welcome at that you decide to sign up to and play at.

However, what you will find is that some casinos have just one companies games on offer whilst many others will have slot and casino games as supplied from many different companies on offer at their casinos, and those are probably going to be the best sites to play at as you will have more choice in regards to the slot machines you can play. Some of the more popular slots we discuss on our site, along with playing strategies and what to look out for to help you get the most value from your bankroll and increase your chances of winning. We also look into progressive slot jackpots and go further into detail, looking at how often their average payouts are and when this signals that you have an increased chance of bagging a jackpot.

Multiple Gaming Platforms 

Online casinos will offer you an instant play web browser compatible gaming platform and/or a fully downloadable gaming platform. The benefit of playing on a downloadable gaming platform is that you tend to have access to more player adjustable option settings and often more slot and casino games than are otherwise available on an instant play gaming platform.

However, do look out for a casino that offers a mobile gaming platform too, as that way you are going to be able to play your chosen slots when you are not sat in front of your computer. Plus, your online casino log in should work and allow you to access the mobile gaming platform or casino app offered by the same casino.

Generous Players Reward Club 

By becoming a regular and loyal player at any of our new slots sites, of which we are going to showcase to you quite a number of them throughout our website you will be showered with lots of additional extras.

Not only will the bonuses be fair as mentioned above and will give you a fair chance of winning but each casino has a slot or players club. Once you start to play for real money each spin you play off will see you earning points, the more point you amass the more bonus credits you will be able to claim.

Thanks to most of the casinos also offering a multi-tiered type of comp club by playing at one site rather than spreading your slot playing action around you will start to progress up through the tiers of that respective comp club where you earn more points and the redemption rates are lower too!

Most Popular Online Slot Machines

having fun at a casino

If you are not yet sure of the types of slot machines you will enjoy playing the most then be aware that each of the slot sites we are going to be introducing to you throughout or website will allow you to play their range of different slots for free and at no risk.

So by simply signing up as a new player at any of them you can then set about having as many no risk free play slot playing sessions as you like, which is going to then allow you to make a much more informed decision as to whether you will enjoy playing slot machines online for real money and which slots will be best suited to you too!

Video Slots 

Video slot machines are the most played and most popular types of slots for with each of them coming with a range of different staking and payline options, plus as all of them offer some form of unique theme and also different bonus games and bonus features most slot players will never get tired or bored of playing them.

It is however during the bonus games where players have the best chance of winning big, so when you do settle down to play such slots it will be their respective bonus games that you will be hoping to trigger!

The bonus games you could be awarded with will of course be dependent on the video slots you are playing, you may play one offering a pick and match bonus game, a wheel spinning based bonus game, a set of free spins or even a pick and win bonus game.

Make sure you always play at the very least a handful of different video slots on each online or mobile slot playing session you have, for with some luck in playing you could trigger multiple bonus games on those slot and therein lays your very real chance of winning big when doing so!

Progressive Slot Games 

How do you fancy playing a range of slots on which you have the chance of becoming a millionaire or multi-millionaire? Well, a life changing jackpot win is what every single slot player dreams of and with that in mind it should be the progressive slot games you will need to track down and play.

There are some new slots available online that offer more than one progressive jackpot, and some slots award their jackpots at random no matter at what stakes you are playing them for, so don’t think you have no chance of winning a huge life changing amount of cash when playing slot online as that could, with some luck, be something you do manage to achieve!

Fruit Machines 

Keep in mind when you are selecting one of our best new slot sites to play at you are going to find some quite different slot games on offer at all of them, and as such if there is one particular type of slot machine you enjoy playing the most then make sure those types of games are available!

Fruit Machines for example have been designed in such a way that you do get lots of play time from your bankroll when playing them, for they award a huge number of bonus games and bonus features much more than any other type of slot.

Plus, one thing that you will be interested in knowing is that mobile and online Fruit Machines have much higher payout percentages than land based versions and the stakes are much more configurable and the jackpots can be way higher too!

Classic Slots 

There is not much to tell you about Classic slot machines for when playing them you will only have one single payline in play. However, you will find several multi-denomination slots on offer so you will be able to play them for various stake levels.

Also, if you come across a slot that has an enhanced jackpot payout when playing the maximum number of coins in play on the single payline then make sure that is how you play those slots to take advantage of that enhanced payout should you be lucky enough to spin in the jackpot paying combination!

3 Reel Slots 

Three reel slots offer something of a fast playing structure and as such you are going to find you can play through a huge number of spins when playing them which may be something you are looking to do if you do not have much spare time to play slots!

Unlike classic slots when playing 3 reel slot games at any slot sites UK players are welcome at you will be able to play in GBP and will find that they offer multiple payline options, various staking options and will also come with some high valued jackpot, usually however that can only be spun in on the higher numbered pay lines!

Fixed Odds Slots 

One final type of slot machine that you may not have actually played before but one that could be of interest to you are those slot games known as Fixed Odds slot, one thing that is unique when playing such a slot is that on every spin you play off a winning combination will be spun in!

However, you are only going to get paid out the winnings for that combination if you have chosen to place a wager on it. When playing Fixed Odds slot you are able to select as many of the winning combinations listed on the pay table to place a wager on and if any of those you have bet on are spun in then you are paid out the respective payout.